Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Book Live Rent Free At Any Age! - Out Now

Living rent free, what comes to mind, sleeping on someone’s couch or maybe your car?

In my latest book Live Rent Free at Any Age, I challenge you to live rent free, anywhere in the world.  Millions of people are already doing it, why not you?  

Have you ever just wanted to escape and live somewhere else?  To be like the people on TV and in the movies, living in the lap of luxury?  Millions of people, just like you, live this life, and you can too!  Live Rent Free at Any Age is more than a training manual for the life you deserve, it a training manual for the life you and your family can have today!

Live Rent Free at Any Age is more than a resource book, it goes further by challenging your mind to a series of questions to see if you are truly ready for this life changing and money saving event.  When most people commit to living a rent free life, they find thousands of dollars in new found wealth. 

Whether it’s a hobby farm or a mansion just down the lane, if you can take care of it, you can live in it, rent free!  People save thousands of dollars each and every year.  They can afford to pay off their mortgages, credit cards, purchase expensive jewelry, fast cars, and go on trips overseas; just because they have no rent or mortgages or utility bills to day.  In some cases, people are given vehicles to use, stipends to spend, and food to eat.

This book goes further than just giving you places to look for opportunities.  It takes you through a test to see if you really are ready, it offers you training opportunities both free and paid, and it set you on the path of living rent free for the rest of your life.

If you are single, married, have a partner, or an entire family, this is one opportunity and book you cannot pass up.  Best of all, you can live rent free anywhere in the world!

Manus Publishing
Available exclusively at's Kindle Store
Also available in Spanish

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