Saturday, April 27, 2013

Free Advertising by Review Campaign

In today’s world, we normally rely on reviews before purchasing anything.  Is it possible to write so many reviews, that you can be noticed as an authority and in turn receive customers?  Reviews can be both helpful and harmful, but my question to you is can a full on assault of reviews bring more customers to you?

Cost determines any advertising campaign, but the idea that I am proposing is one hundred percent free!  Instead, it employs the premise that your name will be associated with products that you already own, the more popular, the better.  But it only works if you can write dozens of reviews, the more you write the more chances of success you will have.

How many reviews do you read in a day before you purchase something?  The reviews you write can not just be the run of the mill review.  It has to stand out, be professionally written, and make sense to the reader.  You have to become the authority over that product or service.  Only practice makes perfect!  Read reviews written by the professionals: automobile reviews, computer reviews, restaurant reviews, product reviews, you get the point.

After you have posted a few reviews, in a day or two, see if they have been posted by searching your reviewer name or product.  This idea will work because the search engines will pull up all associated data related to the search and the review, which can include (your name or reviewer name, products review by you, and products created or sold by you.)

I know that this is a wild idea, but if you could just get enough reviews written, it will increase the hits to your materials and any hit can equal a sale.  This idea varies, because you are not a paid reviewer, nor are you reviewing products in one category. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Free Car or Make Money?

Besides being a people mover, a vehicle, no matter the size can earn anyone extra cash!  If you don’t have a vehicle, you all ready know what you are missing.  What if I told you, you could own a vehicle and get it for little or no cash, would you be intrigued.

People who own vehicles spend thousand of dollars every year just to keep them going.  Just think about all of the cash you put into your very own vehicle.  100, 200, 300 dollars or more every month, sound familiar?

How to Get A Car For Free, dispels the myth that you need cash to own or purchase a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, et cetera).  There are other ways and this ebook does a good job of communicating them to you.  In easy to understand terms, words, and phrases.  It goes in depth, giving you step by step instructions, and is a must for anyone whether you need a free car or not.

It’s sequel Ten Unusual Ways to Make Money With your Vehicle explores ten unique and not so unique ways that anyone can use to make money off of any vehicle, no matter the age or condition.  Again much thought went into developing an ebook of this caliber.  The ideas are really unusual and a very plausible way to earn cash especially if you are in a pinch.

If you don’t have a vehicle, get one!  If you have a vehicle, learn to make money off of it.  What other big investment do you know of that actually looses money from day one, when it really doesn’t have too!

Is It Your Best?

What ever you create, you make sure it is to your best standards.  You toil over your work, checking each detail.  Does it look the way you wanted it to?  Will it look good in this light?  On this page?  You find people to inspect your work, they go over it with a fine tooth comb and find nothing wrong.  Do you believe them?

When you are satisfied, you put your work up for sale, give it away, install it somewhere, or do with it what you were planning to do in the first place.  If its for free, people might critique it or not.  With no feed back, you get antsy, and wonder what others thought of it, of you.  If it is for sale, you wonder where the customers went to after the first few days, when there was a sharp decline of views and glimpses.

Creation is up to the beholder, you may never know what others really thought of it, of you.  In the end, does it really matter?  Customers on the other hand, they take time.  Word of mouth is slow to build, and technology, though fast, is slower.  What is in today, is gone tomorrow! 

This is not a suggestion, but merely a rant.  What ever you do, put 100% of yourself in it, it truly makes the difference and differences are what makes us unique.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Are you happy with your book publishing choices?

Are you publishing a book, what method is right for you?  While some people like the touch and feel of a real paper book, others are immersed in the latest technological advances.  The biggest dilemma for a writer, especial those without literary agents is that money is tight, and most writers don't have enough money to publish in both formats and pay for marketing as well.

Good news, depending on the subject matter of your book, you may be able to get if published for free, if you like paper backs.  There is a company, Publish America, that can publish your book, print on demand.  You will have to do all of the marketing yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.  Choosing a method such as this frees up your valuable time and allows you to focus your energy on getting your product to the masses.

Of course, if you prefer the electronic book, you also have many choices.  Amazon's Kindle Publishing Direct is a great choice, with a major drawback, your potential customers has to be able to download the Kindle software to be able to download your book.  Depending on the rights you give to KPD, you may not be able to sell your ebook anywhere else.

An answer to the KPD dilemma, is Smashwords Publishing, also another online publisher, that allows any customer to download your ebook in a variety of formats, except KPD, for the time being.  But they allow you to make coupons for your products, and simply give them away if you choose.  So much freer.

With both electronic publishers listed above, you still have to market yourself, which can still be a challenge, even when you have extra cash to spend.  What I've found useful is to post classified ads on Craig's List and  Posting flyers in common areas is also another great and inexpensive way to reach potential customers.

You have other choices, of course,  you can use a vanity press, that is you pay to have your book or ebook published, and they have onsite marketing and other features, again, you pay for it.  And you do all of this in hopes of getting your face and work out there.

If you are fortunate to have a literary agent, please, don't let them go.  In my opinion, having a literary agent is the quickest way of being discovered, because they work for you.  They make you into a star, if you allow them.

Or you could just publish your own books yourself.  It can be expensive to get everything in place, but if you don't want to pay someone else for something you can do yourself , this may be the option for you.  If you like paperbacks, you can purchase a comb binding machine or if you like ebooks, there are some great programs for translating your work into all available formats.

As you have just read, you have many choices, it all depends on what you expect?  How much money you would like to make?  And how much work you are willing to do, to make it big!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Get More Free, newest eBook by BD Manus
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