Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lose Weight & Keep it Off for Good! New e-book

Newest E-book: Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good!
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All who are tired of diet plans that don't work:

Weight is the most common thing people struggle to keep under control.  It is very hard to keep a handle on it with restaurants here and there and fast food places on nearly every corner, but it can be done.  I lost 50 pounds nearly two years ago, and I have managed to keep it off, and improve my cholesterol, and I am here to say you can to.  With just a minor 'lifestyle' change, (I hate the word diet), you can lose weight and keep it off too.

Also included is a quick weight loss plan when you need to lose 5 - 15 pounds in a week for a special event.  Both of these plans work, and with the material included in this new e-book you can lose the weight and look great too for the rest of your life.

I'm more fit than ever, and I am sharing my secret with all of you.  If you are tired of dieting fads, yo-yo diet plans, and spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars without the results, then my lifestyle change is for you.
It really works!
-- bd manus


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creating Work, the new e-book that Urges us to Create Jobs!

It's not like the good ole day's where we could just run out a get a brand new job tomorrow.  The times are tougher and there is more competition between high school students, college students, college graduates, the general workforce, and seniors who are forced into working longer.

Society dictates that jobs are something that must be applied for, but this is simply not true, which is the basis of this new e-book: Creating Work by bd manus.  In it, the writer gives you the tools, which you can use to simply create your next job.

The economy is ripe for job creation, it's screaming.  To get the wheels turning, money must be spent, it is a cycle.  Don't you want to join in on all of the fun of creating your very own job.

It is not the time to be shy, not wanting to get your feet wet.  Now is the time for creating work, earning a living, making a job for you and others.  Just think about the money you spend.  For every dollar, just think how many jobs you are supporting.  From the sales clerk, to the stocker, the managers, the product suppliers, and the people who made the products, we all work in unison.
We can't afford to wait on our elected officials, we must act now!  The new e-book Creating Work by bd manus, is a call to action.  It's time for that inventive spirit that made America great to return.
Creating Work / e-book / $1.59 /

Lesson Five: Common Writing Errors

It's been a little over a week, and I am almost positive that you have written a short story by now, if not you still have time, but we must move on to our next lesson.

Proof reading anything that you create is an important step in the writing process.  Without proof reading, the work you make can make you look like a fool.    Some mistakes you should be able to correct automatically while you write some you won't.  Don't rely on the spell checker feature, it is good, but it won't correct all of the mistakes.

Below is an excerpt reprint from a 40-paged little book (3x3-in. sq.) I wrote in 2004.  It contains a gathering of common mistakes and frequently misspelled words.  As writers we have a duty to create polished works.

It's All About The Grammar: The Perfect Pocket Grammar Guide
copyright 2004 Manus Publishing -

Forward --

Grammar is everywhere.  When you read the morning paper, the instruction of the back of your favorite lunchtime snack, even in spoken languages, grammar is everywhere.  This is the excellent pocket sized fact checker for all of your writing projects.

Spelling --

Here is a list of the most commonly misspelled words:
fulfill, iridescent, siege, separate, misspell, lavender, paralleled, noticeable, occurrence, maneuver, excerpt, heighten, embarrass, dilemmas, conscience, accommodate, minuscule, subtle, myer, noticeable, privilege, rhythm

Apostrophes --

Use an apostrophe to show that something is possessive (belongs to something or someone)
1.      The most common form is an apostrophe 's.
2.      The apostrophe as an contraction, I.E.: can not = can't, it is = it's, who is = who's, of the clock = o'clock, did not = didn't, I will = I'll, are not = aren't, I have = I've, let us = let's, I am = I'm

Spelling Rules 103 --
When adding a prefix or suffix-
1.      Keep the (y) if it is after a vowel, when adding a suffix.  I.E.: display+ing
2.      For words ending in (y) if it is after a consonant (not a vowel), change the (y) to an (I) then add the suffix.  I.E.: merry+ly = merrily

Quotation Marks & Writing Dialogue ---
When writing a conversation between two or more people, start a new paragraph everytime someone else starts speaking.  I.E.:

"Mike," He said, "Why is it gone?"

"It should be there." Paul replied.

"Are you sure?"  Mike asked.

"I didn't move it!"  Paul screamed.

How Do I Combine A Sentence --
The best way to combine two sentences is by using: and, but, or, for, yet, & so.
I have change for that twenty. 
Can I get two tens back?

I have change for that twenty, but can I get two tens back?

Spelling Rules 102 -- Plural Nouns --
1.      Add a (s) to most nouns.
2.      Nouns ending in z, x, sh, ch, or s, add an (es)
3.      Nouns ending in a vowel and y, add an (s)
4.      For nouns ending with a consonant and y, change the (y) to an (i) and add (es)
5.      Nouns ending in (o) add an (s)
6.      Nouns ending in (f, fe) add an (s).

This only represents seven out of thirty topics that It's All About The Grammar: The Perfect Pocket Grammar Guide by bd manus, covers.  We are currently in the stages of up-dating and writing this book in both English and Spanish.  It will be available for sale in mid-November 2013.

P.S.: For all of our available e-book titles, visit (for English titles) and (for Spanish & the duel language e-book Free Health Care, It Exists by bd manus)

Next week: How to build an E-book Cover.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lesson Four: Writing the Story

Example Story Line from Lesson Three:

Mark - Policeman (fourth paragraph)

Future (sixth paragraph)

Lisa - Thief (first paragraph)

Crime - (first paragraph)

Sci-Fi - (story line)

Bank Robbery - (first paragraph)

Now you can begin to build your story!
Remember that a story is just a bunch of thoughts and phrases strung together with cohesion.

(The setup -

who = Lisa

what = Robbed

when = Dream

where = Bank

how = by a robber)

…I awoke in a dream, although it was a nightmare as far as I was concerned.  The bank I was charged in overseeing was being robbed, and what was worse, it was my wife, Lisa, who was the thief. 

(the Action)
"How could I face the boy's back at station 23."  I though aloud, which was another big mistake.

Lisa came running towards me, pointing an AK-47 right at my chest. 
"What did you say, Mark?" She screamed.

"Repeat what you said!"  She asked again.

(Under the story)

I just stood there like all the other customers, defenseless.  It was a real shame that I left my military issued revolver in the jet car.  No, no, she better be glad I left my revolver in the car, cause she'd be dead, and I'd take all the money for myself.

What a horrible cop I am, I didn't even have my state government issued walkie-talkie, guess where that is too?  What a shame.  Still in uniform, no weapon.  I guess there goes my weekend.

(the Finish)

She finally got away, no one could track her.  I was fired, I knew it!

Exercise One:

A story can go anywhere you want it to go. This is a stub of a story, where can you make it go?

The year is 2732, my name is Mark, I'm one of New York's finest, and I am in the pursuit of the thief who stole two-million dollars from the bank of Manhattan.

It's just seconds since the robbery suspect leapt into her awaiting jet car and raced into the sunset. Mark is in hot pursuit at over 300 mph, will he be able to catch her?


P.S. see next weeks lesson for common mistakes made when writing any story.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Announcement (english below)


Estamos en el proceso de publicar nuestro primer libro electrónico doble del idioma:


Free Health Care, It Exists! por manus de bd

ISBN# 9781301746460

Electrónico de libro de El doble de lenguaje
Libro electrónico doble de idioma

Cuál estará disponible para la compra en sólo unos pocos días cortos.

El escritor ha manejado de hermosamente hacer la transición entre el cuidado médico libre para todos, a niños y los que viven en áreas rurales. Yo nunca he visto tanta ayuda en toda mi vida. Lo que cada usted o sus familias las necesidades médicas son, este libro electrónico puede encontrar y los excede.

Fácil de leer y comprender, contiene información para conseguir ayuda libre de todo más cualquier enfermedad o enfermedad para libre. Del hospital libre estancias de noche, libertan visitas dentales, libertan exámenes de visión y oído, libertan cáncer el cuidado médico, liberta el cuidado médico rural, liberta el cuidado médico de niños, liberta fármacos, y así, tanto más, existe, y es todo aquí dentro. El hombre, la mujer, el niño, en cualquier edad, puede conseguir el cuidado médico libre.

Estamos muy ocupados trabajando traducir todos nuestros materiales de libro electrónico y apoyo en español. Nos sentimos que todos deben tener una oportunidad justa, y nosotros no tenemos inconveniente en el tiempo extra. Además, todos deben beneficiar del contenido que producimos.

Todos los títulos españoles del libro electrónico del idioma parecerán en

El libro electrónico inglés del idioma titula publicado antes de parecerá el 15 de octubre de 2012 en, y todos los títulos ingleses del idioma publicaron después de que esa fecha parecerá en

We are in the process of publishing our first dual language e-book:
Free Health Care, It Exists! by bd manus
ISBN# 9781301746460
El libro electrónico dual de lenguaje
Dual language e-book
Which will be available for purchase in just a few short days.
The writer has managed to  beautifully transition between free medical care for everyone, to children and those who live in rural areas.  I have never seen so much assistance in all of my life.  What every you or your families medical needs are, this e-book can meet and exceeds them.
Easy to read and understand, it contains information to get free help from all most any sickness or disease for free.  From free hospital overnight stays, free dental visits, free vision and hearing exams, free cancer medical care, free rural medical care, free children's medical care, free prescription drugs, and so, so much more, it does exist, and it is all in here.  Man, woman, child, at any age, you can get free medical care.
We are hard at work translating all of our e-books and support materials in Spanish.  We feel everyone should have a fair chance, and we don't mind the extra time.  Besides, everyone should benefit from the content that we produce.

All Spanish language e-book titles will appear on
English language e-book titles published before October 15, 2012 will appear on, and all English language titles published after that date will appear on

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lesson Three: Building the Story Lines

Lesson Three: Building the Story Lines

A story without direction is just a bunch of sentences.  A story must follow a path, usually from beginning to end, but sometimes from the end to the beginning, or from the middle to the beginning or end.

At some point in our lives, all of us have written a story.  Before your story can begin to take shape, you must brainstorm, or come up with ideas.

Do this, take a blank sheet of paper, and write down a character name and what their roll is (policeman, doctor, lawyer, thief, superhero, et cetera.)  Then when will your story take place (past, future, present), write down the name of one more character.  What is their roll? 

We have two characters, their names, and when the story will take place.  Now let's further develop the story.  Is this a romance, comedy, crime scene, et cetera?  What are the genera (sci-fi, fiction, non-fiction, et cetera)?  Next what is happening around the two characters, (war, daily life, working, car accident, et. cetera)?

Example Story Line:

Mark - Policeman


Lisa - Thief



Bank Robbery

Now you can begin to build your story!

P.S. see next weeks Lesson Four: Writing, to see where this story goes.