Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creating Work, the new e-book that Urges us to Create Jobs!

It's not like the good ole day's where we could just run out a get a brand new job tomorrow.  The times are tougher and there is more competition between high school students, college students, college graduates, the general workforce, and seniors who are forced into working longer.

Society dictates that jobs are something that must be applied for, but this is simply not true, which is the basis of this new e-book: Creating Work by bd manus.  In it, the writer gives you the tools, which you can use to simply create your next job.

The economy is ripe for job creation, it's screaming.  To get the wheels turning, money must be spent, it is a cycle.  Don't you want to join in on all of the fun of creating your very own job.

It is not the time to be shy, not wanting to get your feet wet.  Now is the time for creating work, earning a living, making a job for you and others.  Just think about the money you spend.  For every dollar, just think how many jobs you are supporting.  From the sales clerk, to the stocker, the managers, the product suppliers, and the people who made the products, we all work in unison.
We can't afford to wait on our elected officials, we must act now!  The new e-book Creating Work by bd manus, is a call to action.  It's time for that inventive spirit that made America great to return.
Creating Work / e-book / $1.59 /

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