Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lesson Four: Writing the Story

Example Story Line from Lesson Three:

Mark - Policeman (fourth paragraph)

Future (sixth paragraph)

Lisa - Thief (first paragraph)

Crime - (first paragraph)

Sci-Fi - (story line)

Bank Robbery - (first paragraph)

Now you can begin to build your story!
Remember that a story is just a bunch of thoughts and phrases strung together with cohesion.

(The setup -

who = Lisa

what = Robbed

when = Dream

where = Bank

how = by a robber)

…I awoke in a dream, although it was a nightmare as far as I was concerned.  The bank I was charged in overseeing was being robbed, and what was worse, it was my wife, Lisa, who was the thief. 

(the Action)
"How could I face the boy's back at station 23."  I though aloud, which was another big mistake.

Lisa came running towards me, pointing an AK-47 right at my chest. 
"What did you say, Mark?" She screamed.

"Repeat what you said!"  She asked again.

(Under the story)

I just stood there like all the other customers, defenseless.  It was a real shame that I left my military issued revolver in the jet car.  No, no, she better be glad I left my revolver in the car, cause she'd be dead, and I'd take all the money for myself.

What a horrible cop I am, I didn't even have my state government issued walkie-talkie, guess where that is too?  What a shame.  Still in uniform, no weapon.  I guess there goes my weekend.

(the Finish)

She finally got away, no one could track her.  I was fired, I knew it!

Exercise One:

A story can go anywhere you want it to go. This is a stub of a story, where can you make it go?

The year is 2732, my name is Mark, I'm one of New York's finest, and I am in the pursuit of the thief who stole two-million dollars from the bank of Manhattan.

It's just seconds since the robbery suspect leapt into her awaiting jet car and raced into the sunset. Mark is in hot pursuit at over 300 mph, will he be able to catch her?


P.S. see next weeks lesson for common mistakes made when writing any story.

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