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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

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  • The Vacation In Vilnius
  • Mastering the Wealth Mindset
  • The Adventures of Cathopas and Hamelford
  • How to Turn Life's Failures into Successes
  • The Adventures of Zane and His Feline Friends 
  • Held Captive: the Story of the Herriges Family of Philadelphia 
  • Get More Free America: How To Get The Best Things for Free and Keep More Money in Your Pocket!
  • Get More Free: The Best Free Stuff and Discounts for Seniors in the USA 2022 - 2024


 $0.99 Titles 

  • Missing! The People Who Have Suddenly Disappeared
  • 250 AI Prompts for Song Writers
  • 80 Marketing Email Templates
  • 100 AI Prompts for Literature Essays
  • 152 AI Prompts for Staging A Property
  • 635 AI Prompts for Real Estate
  • 300 AI Prompts in Various Subjects
  • 100 A.I. Prompts for Creative Thinkers
  • 100 A.I. Prompts for Writers
  • 125 A.I. Prompts for Kids Science Fair Projects

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Monday, August 28, 2023

The Vacation In Vilnius


The Vacation In Vilnius

by Billy D Manus II

Celebrate the resilience of family bonds and the triumph of the human spirit in this unforgettable adventure set near the town of Vilnius. Follow the journey of Pytor, a worn-down man seeking solace on vacation with his two teenage sons, Bradford and Bradley, in a rustic forest rental house. What begins as a quest for reconnection transforms into a high-stakes battle against a sinister organization pursuing them relentlessly.

ISBN: 979-8859176168


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Thursday, August 24, 2023

How To Turn Life's Failures Into Successes


Turning Life's Failures into Success. This transforming book will help you overcome setbacks, use failure as a learning experience, and reach your potential. Learn from Elon Musk, Thomas Edison, Nelson Mandela, Helen Keller, Vera Wang, Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Diana Princesses of Whales, and others who overcame disappointments.

This book helps you face life's obstacles with confidence and resolve by teaching you to see mistakes as learning opportunities. Building a support system, cooperating, and seeking mentors will expedite your personal growth.

Accept the advice of sincere, empathetic, and honest role models. Discover the transforming power of consistency, toughness, and constant development.

Discover how to learn from others, stay happy, and use difficulties to grow and create. Rewrite your story, find your purpose, and use your resilience to succeed.

Accept your failures as fuel for greatness. 'How to Turn Life's Failures into Successes,' the ultimate guide to overcoming hardship, realizing your inner potential, and living a fulfilling and triumphant life, is your invitation to change your life.

Amazon / KDP

ISBN: 979-8854017619


Mastering the Wealth Mindset: A Contemporary Guide to the Mindset of Napoleon Hill


"Mastering the Wealth Mindset: A Contemporary Guide to the Mindset of Napoleon Hill" is a current take on Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich®." This enlightening book explores how Hill's principles might be applied to today's fast-paced, interconnected world's difficulties and opportunities.

Napoleon Hill, a famous self-help author, and his revolutionary success strategies are introduced in the book. It emphasizes Hill's timeless wisdom for financial success and personal improvement.

The book emphasizes mentality in wealth-building. Hill's teachings emphasize "definiteness of purpose" and the author discusses it. This emphasizes setting clear financial objectives and being determined to attain them. The book states that a burning desire is necessary to be motivated and determined in pursuit of wealth.

Additionally, the guide discusses belief and faith in the Wealth Mindset. It stresses the importance of self-confidence and a positive outlook on success. The book uses positive affirmations and imagery to help readers retrain their minds for success.

The book also emphasizes lifelong learning and personal growth. Hill's emphasis on specific knowledge inspires readers to engage in their education and keep learning.

The Hill-inspired Mastermind Group is also examined. The book shows how surrounding oneself with like-minded people with similar aspirations can boost achievement. It offers advice on finding or creating supporting networks in the modern world.

The book emphasizes wealth-building ideas and mentality together with real actions. It instructs readers to set financial objectives, organize plans, take cautious risks, and persevere.

The book also emphasizes versatility in wealth pursuit. It acknowledges that the financial landscape is constantly shifting and that adaptable people are more likely to succeed.

Finally, the Wealth Mindset emphasizes giving back and contributing to society. Wealth is about using one's resources to help others and the community, not just accumulating.

Finally, "Mastering the Wealth Mindset" applies Napoleon Hill's timeless insight to today's reality. It covers purpose, belief, learning, cooperation, action, flexibility, and generosity to develop a financial success mindset. This enlightening guide helps modern-day seekers master the Wealth Mindset and achieve their financial goals.

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ISBN: 979-8858546191

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

A.I. Prompts Book Series


Get your creative juices flowing with our A.I. Prompts book series.  Use Artificial Intelligence to further your idea creation and writing themes.  Stumped about what exactly to write about, our A.I. Prompts books feature at least 100 prompt ideas.  KDP only.

100 AI Prompts for Literature Essays

152 AI Prompts for Staging A Property to Get It Sold

300 AI Prompts in Various Subjects

635 AI Prompts for Real Estate

100 A.I. Prompts for Creative Thinkers

125 A.I. Prompts for Kids Science Fair Projects

100 A.I. Prompts for Writers

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The New Teen Sci-Fi Classic: The Adventures of Cathopas and Hamelford: Exploratory Forces, Now Available!


Ride along with Cathopas [Cat/o/pas] 17 and Hamelford [Ham/el/ford] 15, in thirty-four wild, amazing, thrilling and adventurous missions.  

The Adventures of Cathopas and Hamelford: Exploratory Forces

Las Aventuras de Cathopas y Hamelford: Fuerzas Exploratorias

Teen / Science Fiction

164 Pages, paperback


Also available in Spanish