Sunday, June 8, 2014

Don't Let the Fear of the Unknown Stop You From Writing Success!

Fear can stop a writer in his or her tracks. If you let the doubt and negativity of others invade your mind, it can swirl with different situations where the outcome is always the same, you loose. I believe all writers fear something while creating a story or researching the truth. But does that fear have to ruin something that can be great?

With society being so technologically advanced, it is hard to escape reality just so you can write. Significant others and children always wanting you to do something for them can take up valuable writing time. Most writers need quiet so the creative juices can flow. It is up to you to create that space and not let anyone into it.

The Fear of rejection is probably number one when it comes to authors writing books. Even when self publishing, I often get upset when my books are kicked back for me to correct. But I don't let the fear of rejection creep into my mind and stop me in my tracks.

When you are about to achieve something great, the doubting Thomas' of the world always come out of the dark to taunt and hinder you from the task at hand. Fear is just a thought of the imagination, it has no power. The things that we fear rarely come to pass because fear can be overcome, defeated, and thrown in the garbage.

Never let the fear of rejection or negative reviews, stop you from making your dreams come true. If you let fear win, it will! It will knock you down and keep knocking you down and how are you suppose to get on your feet again?