Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Labor Day $0.00 to $0.99 Blow Out Sale! Monday, September 4th


Free Titles:

  • The Vacation In Vilnius
  • Mastering the Wealth Mindset
  • The Adventures of Cathopas and Hamelford
  • How to Turn Life's Failures into Successes
  • The Adventures of Zane and His Feline Friends 
  • Held Captive: the Story of the Herriges Family of Philadelphia 
  • Get More Free America: How To Get The Best Things for Free and Keep More Money in Your Pocket!
  • Get More Free: The Best Free Stuff and Discounts for Seniors in the USA 2022 - 2024


 $0.99 Titles 

  • Missing! The People Who Have Suddenly Disappeared
  • 250 AI Prompts for Song Writers
  • 80 Marketing Email Templates
  • 100 AI Prompts for Literature Essays
  • 152 AI Prompts for Staging A Property
  • 635 AI Prompts for Real Estate
  • 300 AI Prompts in Various Subjects
  • 100 A.I. Prompts for Creative Thinkers
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