Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lose Weight & Keep it Off for Good! New e-book

Newest E-book: Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good!
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All who are tired of diet plans that don't work:

Weight is the most common thing people struggle to keep under control.  It is very hard to keep a handle on it with restaurants here and there and fast food places on nearly every corner, but it can be done.  I lost 50 pounds nearly two years ago, and I have managed to keep it off, and improve my cholesterol, and I am here to say you can to.  With just a minor 'lifestyle' change, (I hate the word diet), you can lose weight and keep it off too.

Also included is a quick weight loss plan when you need to lose 5 - 15 pounds in a week for a special event.  Both of these plans work, and with the material included in this new e-book you can lose the weight and look great too for the rest of your life.

I'm more fit than ever, and I am sharing my secret with all of you.  If you are tired of dieting fads, yo-yo diet plans, and spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars without the results, then my lifestyle change is for you.
It really works!
-- bd manus


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