Saturday, April 27, 2013

Free Advertising by Review Campaign

In today’s world, we normally rely on reviews before purchasing anything.  Is it possible to write so many reviews, that you can be noticed as an authority and in turn receive customers?  Reviews can be both helpful and harmful, but my question to you is can a full on assault of reviews bring more customers to you?

Cost determines any advertising campaign, but the idea that I am proposing is one hundred percent free!  Instead, it employs the premise that your name will be associated with products that you already own, the more popular, the better.  But it only works if you can write dozens of reviews, the more you write the more chances of success you will have.

How many reviews do you read in a day before you purchase something?  The reviews you write can not just be the run of the mill review.  It has to stand out, be professionally written, and make sense to the reader.  You have to become the authority over that product or service.  Only practice makes perfect!  Read reviews written by the professionals: automobile reviews, computer reviews, restaurant reviews, product reviews, you get the point.

After you have posted a few reviews, in a day or two, see if they have been posted by searching your reviewer name or product.  This idea will work because the search engines will pull up all associated data related to the search and the review, which can include (your name or reviewer name, products review by you, and products created or sold by you.)

I know that this is a wild idea, but if you could just get enough reviews written, it will increase the hits to your materials and any hit can equal a sale.  This idea varies, because you are not a paid reviewer, nor are you reviewing products in one category. 

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