Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Low Cost Advertising Solution for Books on

If you are new to the world of book writing or your sales are zero, then you must advertise in order to reach the eager public.  If people don’t know that you’ve written anything, it is not very likely that you’ll receive much attention unless your book falls into the right hands.  Without money, or knowing someone in the inside that owes you a ‘favor’ it’s probably not going to happen.

I know what you are going to say, ‘how can I advertise, if I don’t have the funds, and I don’t have a huge social media following?’ 

My answer is, that there are a number of websites that can advertise for you, but I is probably more than you can afford or more than you want to spend without knowing if you’ll actually receive more sales or not.

I have a solution, for a small fee $15.00, you can get unlimited advertising for any book that you write, though you have to write a brand new, long summary that is not floating on cyberspace somewhere, and you also get more practical ways to advertise your book(s).

In exchange for completing a short summary, your book(s) on are advertised to thousands, using twitter. is a revolutionary way to advertise because not only do followers get to view a synopsis of your book, they are also able to write review that can help to increase your sales.

I have used for a number of months now and am happy to report a market improvement on my overall sales.  As long as your books are on, you can use to advertise for you.

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