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How To Write Your Next Money Making Book - Ideas

You want to write a book, but you don’t have a topic.  You would write about your life so far, but you don’t think it would sell, or you are tired of reading endless biographies already. 

Sometimes, just having the title of a book is all you need to get the ball rolling.   Below, are present several ‘ideas’ of possible books that are just waiting for you to write and profit off of.   It is possible for anyone to turn a title into a book that you can sell, market, and profit off of.

Knowledge is power and in this case, knowledge is also cold hard cash. A two of the ideas have been expanded to get your spark started.  Enjoy!

NOTE: These are Title Ideas Only

Introduction to Antique Collecting    
Facts about Antique Auctions     
How to sell Antiques     
Let's go to an Antique Show     
How to become an Antique Dealer     
Directory of Antique publications     
How to detect Fake Antiques     
How to Restore Antiques

How to paint Landscapes     
Make your own Picture Frames     
Oil Painting for Beginners     
Working with Acrylics     
Introduction to Water Colors     
How to Exhibit your Paintings     
How to buy Art Supplies     
How to Model for Art Classes     
How to sketch Portraits     
Working with Chalks


How to chart your Horoscope     
Selecting a Career through Astrology     
Your Marriage Mate     
Apply astrology to your daily life     
Astrology made simple     
Your future is in the Stars     
How to read the Zodiac

Glamor tips for Teenagers     
Beauty tips for Expectant Mothers     
Every Woman can be Beautiful     
Apply make up like a Professional     
Your personality makes the difference     
What color is best for You?     
How to achieve the Natural Look     
Choosing the Right hair style for you
Beauty Tips for Girls
Beauty Tips for Boys

Sermon outlines for Busy Pastors     
Fund raising for your Church     
Twelve Ways to increase your Church attendance     
Projects for Holiday Bible School     
How to use Talks effectively     
How to prepare a Sermon     
Put some enthusiasm into your Church newsletter     
Choir practice can be Fun     
Keeping the Older Members Happy     
Teaching Tips for Sunday School Teachers     
Have you been called to the Priesthood? 
Religious Vocations for Women     
Plan a Prayer Breakfast.

Working with Leather     
Pottery Making for Beginners     
Make your own Jewelry     
How to make Beautiful Dolls     
Introduction to metal enameling     
How to make Puppets     
Making a Potter's Wheel     
Craft Projects for Pre-School Children     
Profits in Indian Jewelry     
How to make Stained Glass Windows
How to Profit from Handmade Chandeliers!
We’ve all seen chandeliers, like hanging artwork only from the ceiling of a large home or grand hotel.  This book is about how to make chandeliers from crystal beads. 

I will present you with step-by-step photographs of how I made a chandelier for clear crystal beads….

Make your own Christmas Cards     
Directory of Wholesale Crafts Supplies     
How to Build Dolls Houses     
Christmas Decorations you can make     
Knitting and Crocheting ideas for Beginners     
Selling Handmade Crafts at Art Shows     
Candle Making for Beginners     
Weave your own Rugs     
The Art of Crafts with Shells 
Needlework for Beginners     
Decorating Glass     
An Introduction to Ceramics     
Conducting Crafts Classes     
Create your own Earrings     
New Quilt Patterns     
Making Gifts from Junk     
Christmas Crafts for Kids     
Bread Dough Art

How to throw a Cocktail Party     
24 Ideas for your next Birthday Party     
Make your next party a Real Success     
How to be a gracious Hostess     
The Office Party Guide     
Turn an ordinary meal into a Feast     
How to make Better Cocktails

Family And Children
So you're Expecting a Baby     
Does your Child take Drugs?
Don't Smack your Child     
Select the right name for your Baby     
Inspire your Child to Learn     
Can children defend themselves? 
How to Listen to your Child     
Teach your Child to Read     
Choosing a Baby Sitter     
Loving an Adopted Child     
Keep your Child Busy     
Understanding your Teenager     
Which School for your Child     
Teach your Son a Trade     
Facts about Childbirth for Husbands

Family Problems
A Parents Guide to Dangerous Drugs     
Save money on your Clothing Bills     
Mothers guide to Charity Shop Buying     
Where and How to apply for a Loan     
Better health through Better eating    
Families without Fathers     
Does your Child eat right?     
What Unwed Mothers should know?

How to become a Blackjack Dealer     
Job Opportunities in Las Vegas     
Gambling Secrets Revealed     
Win at the Races     
How to play Poker     
Baccarat for Beginners     
Why Gambling should be legalized     
How Gambling Made Me Lose My Family

Build your own Greenhouse     
Grow what you eat     
How to grow Gorgeous Roses     
The Easy Beginners guide to Landscaping     
How to grow food in an apartment

Old-fashioned Cold Remedies     
Facts about Arthritis     
My life with Asthma    
Ways to Cure Insomnia     
Recipes for Sweets     
Fasting is Good for You     
Are you facing a Nervous Breakdown? 
How to Care for your Skin.

Collect Coins for Fun and Profit     
Chess Self Taught     
Boat building for Beginners     
Let's go to a Boat Show     
Bicycle your way to Better Health
200 Things you can Collect     
Collecting Paper Weights     
Gun Collecting as a Hobby     
Collecting Nazi Relics     
Guide to Antique Car Collecting     
How to Collect Gems and Minerals     
Become a Silent Film Buff     
Model Railroading: An Introduction

Home Decorating
Decorating Tips for your Bedroom     
Thirteen Ways to Beautify your Kitchen     
How to Decorate your Windows     
Decorate like a Professional     
Patios Can be Beautiful     
Beginners guide to Drapery     
Making Wallpaper makes the difference     
Makeover your Bathroom     

Plan your Wedding now     
Plan your Honeymoon     
What to Wear at your Wedding     
Cooking Tips for Newlyweds     
Do you need a Marriage Counselor?
Living on a Budget     
How to Survive Divorce     
How to get a Divorce     
Teach your Husband to Cook     
Maintenance Laws made Easy     
How to be a Great Father     
How to win a Fight with your Husband     
How to Marry a Man with Money     
Broke make Better Husbands


You can be a TV Contestant     
Facts every Inventor should know     
How to enjoy the Opera     
Living in a Mobile Home     
How to read Blueprints     
How they make TV Commercials     
Are your Employees Stealing from You?
Facts about Franchises     
Twenty Ways to get your Name in the Paper     
How to meet Celebrities     
Guide to Radio Talk Shows     
How to adjust to a New Neighborhood
How to hold a Fashion Show     
Handbook for Street Musicians  

Ways to Make Money
How to run a Garage Sale     
Making money with Comic Books     
Start a Shopping service     
Investing in Property     
Twenty Ways to Get Rich Quick     
How to be your Own Boss     
Turn your Ideas into Pounds
How to start a Mobile Home Park     
Start a Book keeping service     
Pen pals are Big Business     
Cash in on the Nostalgia Craze     
Teach Children how to Dance     
Profits in Auctions     
Business Enterprises for College Students

Job Opportunities
How to ask for a Raise     
Write your own Resume    
Earn money Tutoring Dance     
Your way to Stardom     
Your future in Physics Careers in Astronomy     
Become a Professional Astrologer     
Raising Funds for Profit     
Gun Repairing as a Career     
Opportunities Unlimited for Commercial Artists     
Have Fun - be a Ski Instructor     
Job Opportunities in Law Enforcement     
Become a Book Finder     
Writing for Newspapers     
Opportunities in Advertising     
Become a Professional Librarian     
Are you a Born Mechanic?
Is there a Place in Television for you?
Show Business Opportunity Guide     
Your place in the Electronics Industry     
Environmental Careers     
Your Aptitude and your Job    
 A Career in Nursing for You
Is Freight in Your Future?
Summer Jobs in London   
Should you be a Social Worker? 

Personal Problems
Protect yourself from Thieves     
Protect your home from Burglary     
How to Handle Obscene Phone Calls     
How to Say "NO" to Salesmen     
Defend yourself from Rape     
How to File for Bankruptcy     
How to Sublet your Home     
How to Sell Your Home     
How to save on your Hospital Bills

How to raise your Kitten     
Tricks your Dog can Learn     
Build your own Aquarium     
Fashion Tips for your Poodle     
How to operate a Dog Kennel     
How to Start a Pet Shop     
Dog Grooming Opportunities     
How to Win at the next Dog Show     
Do snakes make Good Pets? 
The successful way to raise Rabbits

Sales Professionals
Ten ways to close the sale     
Sell it at the Flea Market     
Is selling for you? 
Ten Successful Selling Tips     
How to improve your Sales technique    
Why people buy?    
How to sell Sporting goods     
Positive thinking makes the difference

How to enter Professional Football     
Improve your Swimming Strokes     
Can you handle Racing Cars?
How to play better Baseball     
Wrestling Holds: An Introduction     
Guide to Ski Resorts     
Amateur Boxing Guide     
Know your Hunting Rifle     
Let's Go Trout Fishing     
Tennis for Beginners
Is your Child Ready for Sports?     
Keep in Shape Bowling!
Treasure Hunting can be Fun
Jog your Way to Health     
How to Lift Weights     
Build your own Gym
Ice Hockey - An Introduction     
Play Basketball     
Body Building Tips     

Overcoming your Fear of Flight     
How to obtain a Passport     
Holiday Planning Tips     
Travel Tips for Honeymooners     
Let's go Camping     
Haunted Towns you should see     
How to survive in the Country     
How to Plan a Holiday Camping for the Entire Family     
Planing a Hiking Trip

Writing Mystery Stories     
How to write Poetry     
Writing Gags for Television     
What they Never tell you in Writing School

How to Write A Moneymaking Blog!
Since blogs are basically online diaries about a person’s events throughout the day, many people are learning to cash in on this new enterprise.  It is a proven fact, that many ‘mommy’ bloggers earn $40,000 or more every year just writing about day to day events in their lives.

A blog can be written about anything.  The purpose of this book is to help you explore what you like to write about, and to help you successfully set up a moneymaking blog…

How to Tune your own Car     
Repairs you can do yourself on Modern, Computerized Vehicles
How to test a car before you buy     
Repair the brakes yourself! 

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