Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Make Extra Money for the Holidays or For Anytime

The Holidays are fast approaching and people love to have extra money to spend on presents, food, themselves, and their families.  I know you all love free things, so below are ideas that don’t cost anything to start earning money.  

You can easily advertise, for free, with a simple flyer at the library, college note-board, at the convenient store, or at the laundromat and word of mouth is all you need to start earning money today, so you can have some to spend during the holidays without getting further in debt.

Preparing Resumes For Profit

You don’t have to have a professional degree or belong to an association to draw up a simple one or two page resume for someone.  You can easily earn $50.00 an hour for simply sitting down with a customer, writing down the details, and printing ten copies and providing a cd of a resume for them to pass out to potential employers.

I personally know a woman who spent $150.00 for a resume that was typed so small and included so much information that it wouldn’t even print correctly.  For no charge, I fixed her resume.

A resume is nothing more than the biographical details, both personal and career related, of persons wishing to change jobs or seek advancement, training, and virtually any other change within their working lives.  This necessitates them giving interviewers, employers, and college heads, sufficient details to make a full and accurate assessment of the candidate.

At one time the humble application form was the order of the day requiring one to neatly present personal data in little boxes on the employer's individual forms, but no longer.  Companies seek more data from you so they can compare you to the  next candidate.

To create a resume business from your home all you need is a computer with a cd burner and a printer. 

Office supplies would include resume paper and envelopes, blank cd-r’s, notepads, and pens.

You can meet your clients at your home or at a local coffee bar down the street.  You’ll want to spend at least 30 minuets to get all of the biographical and employment history data. 

I would use the resume templates at

When Words Can Help Pay the Bills

Despite what we say to the contrary, most of us are sentimental at heart, and here we have an idea which when capitalized upon, has created highly successful businesses or those who have simply come up with a unique or sufficiently different way of pandering to our afflictions.

Baby's first shoes can be preserved for ever in a coating of gold, silver or bronze, shellac thereby sealing those cherished memories of the owner's first tottering steps for doting grandmothers and granddads.

Every Valentine's Day finds a rush of businesses offering heart-shaped things and flowers to woo the recipient of an overt and often eccentric means by which to convey undying love.

Dolls in the shape of an individually dressed bear, can be delivered almost anywhere, usually at very little notice.  The message printed on his sash will accomplish more than any gift card could ever dare to hope.

Champagne and baskets of goodies can be delivered to the recipient's door, and almost every service offered can be individually tailored to reflect the occasion.  Silver weddings, 21st birthdays and the birth of a baby are but a few.

Wedding cushions, on which the rings are proudly displayed for blessing and subsequent presentation, are neatly and lavishly embroidered in pastel silks and tassels.  The bride has a souvenir to cherish forever, and the skilled needle smith finds his or her bank balance suitable inflated.  I've seen to, the chance to have hand embroidered the wedding tablecloth upon which the guests have placed their signatures.

Any idea that you can think of, more than likely you can create it and make money from it.

List Selling Is Big Business

This is one big business proposition that requires an absolute minimum of capital but nevertheless offers extremely high rewards in the process.

'It's not what you know that counts, it's who you know' or so they say.  In the business world this is undoubtedly true.  Some businesses survive very nicely from dealings only with 'passing trade', or with customers drawn as a result of effective local advertising campaigns.  Many businesses though, and primarily those with no obvious premises for attracting the customer, depend heavily upon postal contacts to sustain an adequate level of trade.  In this category we find mail order traders and those dealing in specialized products for particular sections of the public.  There are also those businesses for whom business premises might by wholly unnecessary, perhaps because they operate in short-term undertakings, as would be the case for someone seeking to rent out sale and promotion spaces at once-off exhibition.  What these businesses need above all else are lists - lists of potential customers who might otherwise remain unaware of their existence.  Having acquired this list of potential customers they themselves contact the businesses and individuals concerned, in contrast to normal business procedures where it is usually the customer who arranges to approach the seller or service industry of his choice.

For businesses requiring these contacts, the task of compiling lists for themselves would no doubt be so arduous and time-consuming a task as to leave little or no time for normal business obligations.

The person involved in the Mailing List Business can compile lists from scratch, (a time consuming exercise), or else he or se can act as the middleman or woman for other people's lists, renting the list in at one price and subsequently renting it out at another, obviously higher price. Or you can use online residential white pages.

The middle man or broker often buys or rents many very large lists, then splits them for hiring or sale to businesses who would not be able to afford, or would simply not be interested in the larger list.

Ideally the names and addresses are offered on self-adhesive labels to facilitate easier usage by the ultimate user, and also to lessen the temptation to use a rented list more than once, thereby breaking the conditions upon which it is rented.

Lists should be kept free of people no longer living at the stated address, or perhaps no longer an interested member of that group the list represents.  This can be done by making frequent mailings yourself, or else by analyzing the results of someone else using the list, and removing from the list all letters returned as 'gone away' or whatever.

Since you can rent the same list(s) over and over again, the amount of money you can make is endless.

This is only a brief list of ideas that you can use to make money off of.  For 1,016 ways to make money, purchase my book, 1,016 Ways to Make Money When You Are Broke! from Amazon, on Sale Now for only $0.99 (half priced until October 7, 2013).

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