Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Series: Contacting The Media: Lesson One

Contacting the Media

Lesson One: How Can the Media Help You!

This is my newest 5 part series that will prepare you to make the biggest media presence ever, at no cost to you.  Whether you are a writer, business owner, photographer, or what ever your field may be in, a little extra positive media attention never hurt anyone.

When you say the word Media, I think everyone knows what that is, but trying to access the media can be a tough nut to crack at times.

How Can the Media Help Me?

As I stated before, the media can bring positive and negative attention to your business or venture, so you want to make sure that everything is on the up and up.  Any business owner will tell you that negative media attention; will all most kill a business.  To avoid negative attention, handle problems as they arise, pay your bills and employees on time, and treat your customers with the respect that they deserve, because if you have forgot, they are paying your bills.

One on one-product or business tryouts, where you get the media involved is best.  Stay away from testimonials, as it can be hard to prove if the person or persons knew you before hand.  The same goes with photographs and video, those can be retouched.

Over the course of the other lessons, I will teach you how to build a Media List, How to Make the First Move, How to Use the Attention to Get Sales, and How to Use the Media as a Stepping Stone.

Next Week: Building A Media List
P.S.: We are all of this train together, and we have to learn to support one another.  Maybe the information that I write can help you, and maybe it won't, but if I don't write it, and you don't read it, we will never know.
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