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Lesson Three: Getting Free Media Attention

Lesson Three: Getting Free Media Attention

For this marketing to work successfully, you must complete your media list from lesson two. 

Why spend good money for advertising when you don't have to.  Large corporations and businesses only have to mention their name and its instant sales, small businesses and independents aren't so lucky.

You can have the best product in the world, the thing that everyone wants, but if no one knows that it's for sale, you can hang it up.  The purpose of this lesson is to expose you to brick and mortar advertising.  I'm talking about the big three: radio, television, and print.  Even in this digital age, these three forms of media are still very, very popular.

To start, you have to ask yourself these questions, so you can pick the correct advertisers and define your 'target market'.  You don't want to push your rock cd to a jazz radio station.

1.    What is your demographic? (race, sex, income)
2.    Who is your target market for your product?
3.    Where will your product(s) be available? (online, local store)
4.    Can you tell others what your product(s) is and does without thinking about it?

You will want to target media sources with the highest listeners, viewers, or subscribers.

All you simply do is to send a press release to the station that is relevant to a product or service that they all ready use.  Include a cover letter with the press release that summarizes the press release, and briefly explains how they could benefit by including your product on their show, and they samples are available.

Include your contact information on both the cover letter and press release.  A sample press release is at the end of this blog.

Other Ways To Get Attention:

¨      Write an article or report that tells what sets your product apart from others.  Send the article or report to relevant businesses or organizations that uses or needs like products.
¨       Become a 'guest' on television, radio, and online shows.  E-mail a letter to the producer of a particular show, using the media list that you build earlier.  Be sure that you emphasize your product or service, and tell why it would be important to their viewers or listeners.  Follow up in a few days by telephone, online, or in-person.
¨       Host your own online movie or show that boldly uses your product(s) and put it on as many websites as you can.

Using one or a combination of all of these ideas is sure to get you noticed and get sales coming your way.  After all, that is the major point, sales.

Sample Press Release


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P.S.: Lesson Four Next Week

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