Wednesday, January 9, 2013

List of eBooks I Have Written To Date

Current List of eBooks Available from BD Manus   


I am Manus Publishing, and I write and sell ebooks for people who are trying to get ahead.  From how to get a free car, free health care, to ways to make money, I can help you.  Most titles $0.99 - $4.99


Titles Available @ Amazon (

Foreclosure: How to Get Something Out of the Deal
$2.99 / ASIN: B009KQAO42 /

How To Get A Car For FREE!
$0.99 / ASIN: B009KQABHM

Grants & Loans for Students, Businesses & Non-Profits
$2.99 / ASIN:B009D0YKA

Source Dallas / FTW: A Resource Assistance Guide
$2.99 / ASIN: B0094KJAZ

1,016 Ways To Make Money When You Are Broke
$1.99 / ASIN: B008ZDNCZ4

60 Cost Free Ways To Make Money
$0.99 / ASIN: B008VUR8OW)

Private I: How To Find Information on Anyone for Free
$0.99 / ASIN: B008QBEB78

The United States Directory of Free Health Care, 5th ed.
$1.99 / ASIN: B008LCYR62

Titles Available @ Smashwords (

English & Spanish in one edition
$3.99 / ISBN: 9781301746460

Un Directorio de Asistencia del Recurso - Dallas y Fort Worth (Spanish Language)
$1.99 / ISBN: 9781301350070

El EEUU Directory de Libre Asistencia Medica para la Salud
(Spanish Language)
$2.99 / ISBN: 9781301085064
Creating Work
$0.99 / ISBN: 9781301850389
Las concesiones y los Préstamos para Estudiantes, los Negocios, y las poco Ganancias - más escribir la propuesta de concesión.
$1.99 / ISBN: 9781301702572
El Soldado Raso: Cómo Encontrar Información En Casi Cualquiera Gratis (Spanish Language)
$2.59 / ISBN: 9781301511334
Así Es Que Usted Quiere para el Trabajo en Casa (Spanish Language)
$1.99 / ISBN: 9781301156801
Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good
$0.00 / ISBN: 9781301080526
Your Health & Food Safety
$0.99 / ISBN: 9781301075546 
Do You Eat Insects?
$0.99 / ISBN: 9781301808120

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