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Chasing Totality - The Ultimate Guide to Viewing the 2024 Solar Eclipse in the USA

Chasing Totality - The Ultimate Guide to Viewing the 2024 Solar Eclipse in the USA

Staff | March 28, 2024 
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This celestial spectacle is fast approaching, and for sky enthusiasts, the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse is a must-see event.  This blog will be your one-stop guide for travelers seeking the perfect spot to witness totality within the United States.

Prime Locations for Totality

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  • Texas: The Lone Star State takes the crown for best weather prospects. Cities like Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin offer clear sky possibilities and a longer duration of totality.

  • Arkansas: Hot Springs National Park is a unique location, being one of only two National Parks in the path. With its natural beauty and "Eclipse Fest" events, it's a popular choice. 

  • Ohio: Home to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, another park on the totality path. This location boasts scenic landscapes and historical significance near Neil Armstrong's hometown.

  • Niagara Falls (New York): Imagine the iconic falls shrouded in twilight during totality!  Terrapin Point offers a breathtaking perspective for photography enthusiasts.


    Best Times to View the Solar Eclipse:


Traveler Considerations

  • Accommodation: Totality zones will be bustling, so booking hotels or campsites well in advance is crucial.  
  • Weather: While Texas has the best forecast, be prepared for anything. Pack for changeable weather conditions.  Click here for your weather forecast.
  • Transportation: Traffic congestion is expected. Consider carpooling or using public transportation near viewing areas.  Click here to get live traffic updates!

Seeing Safely: Solar Eclipse Eye and Skin Protection for You and Your Furry Friends

The total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024, promises to be a spectacular event. But before you step outside to witness the celestial dance, make sure you prioritize safety for yourself, your family, and even your pets! Here's what you need to know:

Eye Safety

  • The No-No: Looking directly at the sun, even for a moment, can cause permanent eye damage, including solar retinopathy (sunburn on the retina). This can lead to blurry vision, blind spots, or even complete vision loss.
  • Safe Viewing: Certified eclipse glasses are your best bet. Check out these Solar Eclipse Glasses that adhere to the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. These filter out harmful solar radiation while allowing a safe view of the eclipse
  • Not Sunglasses: Regular sunglasses, even very dark ones, do not provide enough protection.  Homemade filters are also unsafe.
  • Approved solar eclipse eye glass makers list.

Skin Safety

The sun's intensity won't be significantly reduced during the eclipse. Standard sun protection measures are still recommended:

  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin with Coppertone Sport, a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to exposed skin.
  • Clothing: Wear protective clothing that covers your arms and legs. Look at this Columbia Unisex Bora Bora Wide Brim Hat, get one for the entire family!
  • Seek Shade: Especially for extended viewing periods, find areas with shade, especially for children and people with sensitive skin.

Pet Protection

Our furry friends are just as curious as us!  Here's how to keep them safe:

  • Keep them Indoors: If possible, keep pets indoors during the peak viewing times.
  • Supervised Viewing: If you must take your pet outside, keep them leashed and supervised. Don't let them look directly at the sun.
  • Provide Shade and Water: Ensure your pet has access to cool shade and plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Viewing Devices

  • A Solar Eclipse will damage your phone's camera and prevent you from taking nice pictures if you aim your camera directly toward the sun and hold it there for an extended period of time.  Solar Eclipse Smartphone Filter, don't ruin your phone!
  • Eclipse Glasses: These specially filtered glasses come in various styles and are readily available for purchase from reputable retailers. Solar Eclipse Glasses
  • Pinhole Projectors: This is a fun and safe DIY option.  Create a small hole in a cardboard box and project the sunlight onto a white surface for an indirect view of the eclipse. A kitchen colander also works to this effect.
  • Trees: Standing under a tree that is fully leafed out will protect you from the harmful effect of the eclipse while allowing you to safety viewing it on the ground.  The leaves will cast a shadow of what is happening in the sky.
Remember: Safety first! With proper precautions, the 2024 solar eclipse can be a memorable and educational experience for everyone.

Click Here to Learn More About Solar Eclipse Safety!

Enhancing Your Eclipse Experience

  • Local Events: Many towns along the path host festivals and gatherings. Research events that pique your interest.
  • Expert Talks: Attending talks by astronomers or eclipse chasers can deepen your understanding of the event.
  • Photography Tips:  Research proper techniques for capturing the eclipse with your camera.

This is a shared experience. Be courteous to fellow viewers, arrive early to secure your spot, and most importantly, soak in the awe-inspiring wonder of a total solar eclipse!

Source: NASA, Google

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