Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Introducing the Great Black Inventor Series of Books - Celebrate the Achievements of Blacks from the Past


Introducing the Great Black Inventor Series

  • For people ages 8 - 18+
  • Color & Black and White
  • Paperback & eBook

Black inventors from the past often don't receive the credit they are due for their contributions to society as a whole. You will learn about the successes and failures, the good and the bad, those who rose from poverty to the wealthy class and people who were not successful even though their inventions did have a positive effect on society.

People in this Series:

  • Granville Tailer Woods
  • Frederick McKinley Jones
  • Marie Van Brittan Brown
  • Sarah E Goode
  • Henry Blair
  • Judy W Reed
  • Carter G Woodson (coming soon)
  • Thomas L Jennings
  • George Washington Carver

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