Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Multiple Income Streams From the Next Book You Write

The normal aspirations you have for the books you toil over is to write it, market and advertise it, and sell, sell, sell!  What if you could get multiple income streams from the same book, would you want to?

These ideas involve selling space within your next book and the income you receive can be used to further your marketing dollars.

First Income Stream Idea - Sell Advertising Space

You can sell pages in the front of your book so others can advertise there now available and up comming books.

If you can predict how many sales and/or downloads in advance you'll have, you can offer a potential advertisers a quarenteed number of page views they can accept. 

Page one after the title page could sell for $300.00 or more with the perfect pitch on E-bay.

Second Income Stream Idea - Sell Review Space

Selling ten or more pages so a writer can include a full excerpt of an upcomming book can also net you some real cash.  

In Closing

Use these ideas to build your case for receiving multiple income streams.  If you are planning to give away your books for free, having cash up front for the space you've sold can go a long way in helping the bottom line.