Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to Get Customers to Buy Instead of Window Shopping

Customers can be very fickle, always wanting things for free or wanting a sample before making a decision to purchase or not.  As book writers and sellers, we want customers to buy, buy, buy; but how do you entice them to buy when they don't want to.

Everyday you go through the experience of window shopping, in fact since the early 1900's customers have been window shopping and deciding if they want to purchase items of interest or not.   One of the most used ways of determining the shopping habits of people is by doing or completing a survey before or after a purchase. Both retail and online chains still use employ this method to learn about everything from customers experience to product quality to their personal wants, needs, and demographics.

The Urban Dictionary defines 'Window Shopping' as a term referring to the browsing of goods by a consumer with no intent to purchase, either as a recreational activity or to plan a later purchase.

Retails chains ensure repeat purchases by offering coupons usually printed on the receipt its self such as CVS, Walgreen's, Dollar General and Family Dollar.  The real idea is to find out why these types of customers don't make a purchase.

Customers only like to purchase things that make them feel good or products and services that solve a problem.  You can use surveys to hone in on the problem and solutions very, very well, to assist you in creating that 'it' product.

Another way to get inside of your customers head is by looking through your customers eyes.  Is the information that you create or write about relevant to them.  Is the price something that you would pay?

Remember that perception is everything.  If your customers feel threatened or cheated, they will not visit your store or purchase your products.  If you can give your customers what they want, fulfill their needs and answer there questions, then you will have a customer for life.

Yes, converting window shoppers into real customers can be both tricky and rewarding, but finding out what your customers like and don't like will always ensure that you'll always have a  steady stream of eager buyers waiting at your door.

Keep Customers by:

  • Do what you say you are going to do
  • Do it when you say you’re going to do it
  • Do it right the first time
  • Get it done on time
 For the Author or Book Publisher:

  • Look for Trends before they happen, then write about them
  • Look at what you are doing before leaping.  Ask yourself how much is it going to cost you?
  • Move quickly on an idea.  Trends are literally over with in the blink of an eye.  Move to slow, and you'll miss the boat.


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