Friday, October 25, 2013

The Biggest Marketing Secrets for Selling Your Books

Today, anyone can write and publish their very own books, but not everyone can sell a book and make a profit.  No matter what you sell, if you don’t market it, you won’t have any customers.  Constantly giving away your books for free is good for your customers and bad for you.  If you think that there is more to marketing than meets the eye, then you are right.  In this post, I will feed you little known but powerful marketing secrets that can turn one customer into hundreds.

What is Hot Sells!
No matter who wrote it, if it is in the same genre as a best seller, your book is guaranteed to sell.  Currently Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly is on the best seller list, so if your book is any way connected to the killing of Jesus, you will receive customers.

Just comb the best seller’s list to see what titles are the closest to yours.  You can even mention the best seller title in your summary as a key word to ensure that your title will be seen with or close to the best selling title.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!
Don’t trust in one marketing campaign to get the point across that you have books to sell.  You constantly see ads from Amazon, Wal-Mart, at&t, and Apple because they know that anybody is a potential customer, and they do not want you to forget that they have the products you want.

The same is true if you are marketing a book.  You can develop a multi-level platform-marketing program.  You can hand out business cards; pass out flyers; post pay per click ads on your own website, Twitter, Google Ad Sense, and Facebook; place advertising banners on the vehicle you drive; even flyers in the local convenient store.

The point is that one marketing source in today’s information filled world won’t do.  You have to act like the big boys and bombard the public twenty-four/seven with the fact that you have something to sell and that you want to public to purchase what you offer.

Make Your Customers Hungry for More!
You can post short summaries of the book you have or are planning to write, but the problem with people is as soon as they’ve read something, it’s gone from their minds.  Well may be it can possibly last an hour, it all depends on how good it is. 

But that is the problem, you have to literally post something interesting every single day to keep the hype up, and sometimes that is just impossible.  So how you do you get around this problem?

You write a short, ten to fifteen page teaser that will force their hands to purchase your book when it becomes available.  The teaser should be free so many people will download your work and in the back of the teaser, you can use this space as a marketing platform to list other works and projects that you have published.  The teaser should be given away free on as many websites as possible to help you get the word out that this great book is coming soon.

Write More than Three Summaries!
The more ways that you can describe the same exact thing, the more customers will fall into your trap.  Think of colors, ten words may be used to describe a similar color: (blue, sky blue, ocean blue, blue lake, cerulean, light blue, royal blue, dusk blue, dark blue, midnight blue).

Because people’s understandings of things are different, it is important that you write at least three different summaries and ads for your book.  Usually, as basic summary, a detailed summary, and a chapter excerpt is enough to get the point across to your customers that you mean business.

A basic summary briefly describes the premise of the book in a few paragraphs.

A detailed summary goes into further details and brings the characters to life, or an idea to reality, and it gives a sense to the reader that you are an authority on the subject and makes you more believable as a writer.

A chapter excerpt is the crowning touch on any summary or ad that you could ever create.  This gives the reader and potential customer a small glimpse into your work and what you can potentially offer to them.

These are the actual ideas that I have developed and use everyday to generate a buzz and to create and build customer awareness across several brands from books, computer software, and other products.

Only you know what you have written and you are the best town crier for your work.  Don’t let others market your work when you can do the job just as good as anyone else can.  Also don’t get discouraged when sales aren’t as good as you think they should be. 

You are one fish in a sea of millions.  The more you can do to get your work out there, the more money and recognition you will receive.  One final word: never stop writing and never stop marketing your books to the masses.