Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Free Old Fashion Grassroots Marketing

The Premise
Whether you have a print book or a digital book, you won’t have any sales if you don’t have any customers.  Sure, selling tools do work and so does social media, but a grassroots campaigning is what is missing from today’s marketing strategies.

Using grassroots techniques ensures that you only need a ‘small or not advertising budget, according to Startup Nation.  Grassroots campaigns also allow you to be flexible and offer rewards to your customers.  The best grassroots campaign is Word of Mouth.

Word of Mouth
Word of mouth is always free and it is very, very easy to slip your books into a conversation.  Since word of mouth is just like basically standing on a street corner and selling your goods, only classier, everyone can succeed using this technique, even if you are not a big talker.

Pass Out Flyers
If you stood outside, all day long and handed out flyers to passerby’s, this would be another form of grassroots marketing that is still very popular today.  For just the cost of paper and ink, you can create sales, get your name out there, and possibly meet people who can further your marketing techniques.

Public Relations
Neil Sission states that public relations is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book.  He suggests that you spin your ‘product’ into a human-interest story.

It is the human connection that drives us or in some cases compels us to purchase this product over someone else’s.    If you can tie your product into a local event such as a fundraiser (the human interest angle).  You will not only get community support for your product, you will also get free media coverage and maybe you can get featured on a national news program, that is if you can create a large enough spin.

The Free Angle
Doesn’t the word free just make you want to run out of your home just to see what is being given away?  For it to be such a simple word free evokes visions of things from a free piece of gum to free money.  Offering your product for free will not only get you attention, and lots of it, it allows you to ‘stuff’ the free item with information about other books you may offer and thereby further to increase your bottom line.

Other Marketing Ideas
If I thought about it, I probably could list hundreds of Grassroots Marketing ideas, but I don’t have that much time to write and I am sure that you don’t have that much time to read.  Other ideas can include door to door conversations with the people in your town, but be aware that most cities now charge a small door to door fee.  Be interviewed on a talk radio station.  Talk radio is a great way to interact with the general public on a much larger scale.  Though talk radio segments work best with social media; it is still another great way to be seen.  Again, its about getting your books out there for the world to see and buy.

In Closing
If all you do is wake up with an idea, it may be the most successful free marketing campaigning that you’ve ever created.  When you have a marketing budget of zero, anything that you can do to create sales will help you get up to the curve and eventually pass it by.  If you wrote a cookbook on how to prepare eggs one hundred different ways, you could stand on the street corner dressed as an egg to promote your new book.  Not all-marketing ideas are flawless and some may be down right messy, but any idea is better than no idea at all.

“Grassroots Marketing is at the personal and local level which is where we market ourselves.” Lisa Bishop.

PDF Grassroots Marketing for Leaders: Lisa Bishop
PDF Sustaining Grassroots Community-Based Programs: