Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Make Money, Just Follow Your Heart

I am sure that there are people who are born writers, but are not following their hearts.  You have to follow your heart or you will not be happy.  Just take a leap of faith, if it is meant to be everything will follow after.

I myself just had a major shake-up just last week, but I remained most unfazed, because I have writing in my life, music, and the Lord who keeps me centered and focus.

Let's see, I've just build a Google Plus profile, posted new stuff on Facebook, I've finally finished my new e-book Grants & Loans for Students, Businesses, & Non-Profits, which is available at and is only $2.99.

I bet you are wondering how I can write new books so quickly.  It's what I love to do, first you research a topic, and then you write about it.  It couldn't be any easier. 

I would like to give the Everman Public Library and staff a special thanks, because this is where I go to do my online research.

P.S.: I'm currently writing three new e-books Cars For FREE, Your Child Can Be Healthy & Fit, and a special free book that will be available in October.

Also, I just wrote an awsome report, 6 Ways To Make Money Today! that can let you earn money and get paid today.  Download it for free at: (linke expires in 60 days)

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