Friday, February 3, 2023

Grandes Cuentos de Cape Cod - Tall Tales of Cape Cod, the new Bilingual Reader



Tall Tales of Cape Cod Tall Tales of Cape Cod is the new bilingual reader from Billy D Manus II and Marillis Bittinger.

What do all these places on cape cod have in common? they are all featured in Tall Tales of Cape Cod, the new Spanish English reader.

Learn about the oddities of Cape Cod through this oral history book of the area.  

Learn how Lake Scargo was named?

Did Barney Gould really walk from New England to San Francisco and back?

How did these birds get an enormous sailing vessel off course?

Learn a tale about the Mattacheese people, the Giant Manshope and the Great Devil Bird.

Did peddlers really sell coffins?

Learn about the tantalizing tale of the Snake Biting Indian, "Still he did not move a hair, a muscle—he seemed not to breathe. The leader snake was wound around his neck..."

25 unique and quirky folklore about the history and life of the people who live on cape cod.

Bilingual: Spanish and English with pronunciation chart.