Sunday, April 17, 2016

Become an Instant Author: Write, Edit, & Publish Multiple eBooks during the Same Day -

1 Day Instant Author - a how to create eBook series; is a specially developed protocol that allows anyone to become an Instant Writer.  In fact, you can 'write' or create, edit and publish several eBooks per day.

Do you want to receive instant fame, fortune, notoriety through books you write? 

Being a writer myself, I know that their is never enough time in the day or hours in the week to start and finish a project, especially with all the other things that take up our time.

I created the Instant Author Series, to fill this on going need for time.  You can use the Instant Author System to create any type of book you can imagine; in multiple languages, with or without pictures; publish on any platform, and earn a profit via the help of marketing on the very same day.

Our One Day Instant Author Systems Kit takes the idea even further by providing you with the tools and skills you'll need to become a book publishing powerhouse.  Kit includes:

  • Pre-formatted eBook Covers developed especially for Kindle, but can be resized to suite your needs.  The eBook Covers are unique because you don't need any specialized skills or software to alter the image, simply your computer's paint program will do.  All covers include an image and solid color space to add your title, description and by line.
  • Free marketing and advertising ideas
  • Starter Content
  • Places where you can publish your eBooks and specifications
  • & More

We have develop both the eBook series, which are available at Amazon Kindle in both English and Spanish, and the Instant Author: One Day to Profit Systems Kit which is available for instant download and purchase from our Tradebit Store.

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