Friday, May 23, 2014

Using the Past to Shape Your Advertising Future!

Advertising is defined as communications to a person or group of people that effectively persuades or manipulates the person to try or purchase a product.  It is the roll of the advertiser to change a persons behavior and make them spend, spend, spend.

Although digital technology did not exist a century ago, advertising did.  In fact it was the golden age of advertising when most common place products were born. Individuals, companies and non-profits use advertising to convey they Who, What, Why when and Where to the customers.

Who do you plan to sell that to? Children, Adults, Men, Women, Babies
What are you selling?  Car, boat, house, toys, food,
Why are you selling these things?  Save time, save money, make the day run smoother
Where do you plan to sell them?  Online, retail store, infomercial?

Advertisers can employ different styles of marketing but they all achieve the same results.

A lot can be learned from advertisings past and these lessons can be applied to the ads you create today to create successful marketing campaigns and drive hordes of people to your products.

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