Friday, February 7, 2014

Co-op Publishing, Is It For You?

How Can A Co-op Help You?

So, you want to publish a book, but you don’t want to use an indie title such as Kindle, Create A Space, and you don’t want to pay to have your book published through a vanity press, so what do you do?

You join or create your own co-op publisher.  A co-op is when a group of people get together to form an entity that benefits the group.  In this instance, the group formed is writers, literary agents, sales people, and publishers that help to drive down the cost of publishing and marketing books.

Book publishing co-op’s were created over eighty years ago as a way to help book publishers and bookseller’s during the great depression.  Normally, literary agents are not a part of co-op publishing process.

There are a few true co-op publishers that exists.
With co-op publishing, authors have to pay to have their books published, but in return, they receive a higher percentage of royalties.  Co-ops usually work very well for self-published writers.

Current co-op publishing uses a model set during the Great Depression and usually lacks the benefits of traditional publishing such as marketing and advertising.  But all of the members of a co-op publisher must belong to the co-op to have use of the co-op services. 

Co-ops offer authors and writers an excellent platform for getting your books published if you don't want to try self-publishing.  Co-ops offers its members nearly every service it takes to get your books published.

Benefits of Co-op
  • Lower Publishing Costs
  • Higher Royalties
  • Lower Promotional Costs
  • Very Low Membership Fees

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