Monday, August 5, 2013

5 Exciting Free Advertising Choices!

Whether you are a writer, an artist, or a small business owner, more than likely selling your products is what allows you to have the income to survive.  We all know that you have to advertise in order to get customers and sales, but if you can’t afford to advertise because you have no budget.  What is your next option?

The internet is filled with plenty of ‘free’ advertisers, but many of these place your ad(s) at the bottom of the page, make you place your ad(s) in the incorrect category, and/ or bury your ad(s) if you don’t purchase a plan first.

There are a lot of free advertisers that are really good and can help you bring customers to your products.  Here are the top 5:

1. Twitter – This may or may not surprise you!  The simple 140 character ‘Tweet’ is just small enough for you to get your point across in the fewest number of words possible.  It also makes you think about what to write, without going off topic.

2. – Is a great online classified site that doesn’t charge to place an ad!  In fact, you can place multiple ads in different areas of a city.  They can be finicky about where you place the ad, but they also allow you to upload photographs for free.  And they allow you to renew the ad by email.

3. Mail Order – You may find this idea weird, but for a number of years, I had a small print and mail order business.  There are still a lot of great folks who are still making a living in the print and mail order realm.  There are some that will place your ad for free.  Just ‘Google’ Print and Mail Order.

4. Blogging – Offers you an exciting platform for introducing your products or services to others, especially if they are unusual.  

5. You tube – offers you a free platform where you can personally connect to potential customers, while telling a story, and trying to get your video to go viral.  Seeing a product ‘in person’ allows the potential customer visually see what a product or service does.  Your commercial can also generate you leads, and offer you a way to raise funds.  If you are doing a fund raising campaign, you may also want it to tie into your crowd funding site.

Whatever you do to advertise, please make sure you have a website, blog, or other online site that you can direct your customers to.  Nothing is more disappointing than getting to the bottom of an ad and there is just a telephone number, that when dialed, send you to an answering machine or nothing.  If you do have an online presence, click on the link in your ad to make sure it is not a dead link.

There are may other ways to advertise for free than just these, but my ideas above will allow you to reach thousands of new, exciting, potential customers.  Give at least one idea a try!  The idea is to get new customers without spending money to get them.

Other good sources for finding new and innovative advertising choices is Target Marketing Magazine which you can get a free subscription for when you visit Trade Publications.

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