Monday, March 18, 2013

The Spaceman Comes

Short Sci-fi Story: The Spaceman Comes

By BD Manus

Before the time that the Leviathans swam in the seas and long before the age of the Romans the spaceman comes.  As the earth shook, and swallowed cities whole, when blocks of ice fell from the sky, it was for told that the spaceman comes.  Find the photo!

I saw him, it, I’ve seen the light and the warning signs.  I’ve seen the great and mighty wonder about what has been and what is to come.  I’ve seen them quake in their boots, where they stood, in amazement.  I was there too…

Have you ever wondered who build the great circles of stone, the mounds of earth that only exist in certain places, who dug the great canyons and the largest oceans.  Why do things that are meant to last forever only survive for a few moments in time?

Like the vampires in the night, they hide from view, and quite well.  To them, we are looking through a two-way mirror, able to see ourselves, but not able to see them.  The atmosphere of earth greatly exaggerates this effect with its mirages in the sand fact or fiction?

If you listen closely to the beeps, then you’ll know too that they are out there.  When they move through space and time, they leave time signatures, recognized to humans only by beeps.  How many beeps do you hear in a second, minute, hour, day, month, or year?

We are not the aliens, as some do believe.  There are no other sources of life in this solar system, but there is life in others.  The doppelganger’s are real.  The photograph taken at Trachd Romhra tells us what is to come, find it, and know the truth!

The spaceman not only visits but checks up on his precious cargo.  Are we his minions?  Are we supposed to do his bidding?  They are out there, and more are on the way.  I am not crazy, or insane, but I want you to prepare and be prepared.  Did you find the photo, what do you believe?

Long before the day is done,
the setting sun,
and the moon appears in the night,
The spaceman comes in sight.

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