Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lesson Nine: Marketing

There are many effective ways that you could market an e-book, by I feel the best way is to reach the persons for which the books are written.  If you write and e-book about the uses of color in home decorating, then the Target Market for your book would be Home Decorators and designers.

Excluding the markets of people who are not interested in the subject will save you both time and money.  Signing up with Forums, Creating your Own Blog, Using Social Media are all great ways to 'push' your book.  Even having an e-book signing at a local library or bookstore are all great ways to get focus and create sales.  Even vehicle advertising might work.

Ultimately whether you use your friends, family or strangers to get the word out about your books is totally up to you.

Goals to Creating a Successful E-book Marketing Campaign

1.    Create 'catchy' word and phrase combinations

2.    Use the 'catchy' word and phrase combinations everywhere (websites, web name, advertisement, et cetera.)

3.    Target the Customers for which your book was written

4.    Use the Internet to cast your net and catch potential sales

5.    Talk about your ebook(s) on relevant blogs & forums

6.    Have a book signing (whether traditional or digital)

7.    Advertise on free websites such as Craig's List

8.    Use social media sites to push your writing (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter)

9.    Use your friends and family to get the word out (word of mouth)

10. Never stop Marketing your products

This lesson concludes my series Writing A Book.  I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season & Merry Christmas.  Join me in January 2013, when I kick off my new series: Contacting the Media.

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