Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lesson Seven: Setting the Price

Pricing an e-book can be easy or hard, depending on how you look at it.  The purpose of this lesson is to help you find the right price to sell your e-book.  There are three important factors when considering pricing:

¨      First is the length - how long is the book.  Any typed document of 5 pages or more can be considered an ebook, because those 5 pages might compress to 10 depending on the e-reader it is read on.  You wouldn't price a 300-page e-book for $0.99, would you?

¨      Secondly the topic - what is your book about, the subject matter also effects the pricing of the e-book.

¨      Lastly what do you feel that it is worth?  You have put your time, heart, and soul into this project, shouldn't that account for something.  Isn't time money?

I have created the quiz below to help you find the 'right' price for any e-book.  You will choose A, B, C, or D.  Keep track of the number of a's, b's, c's, and d's you receive, as this will tell you which price to choose.

Choose the statement below that best reflects your actions:

A.   It took me a month to write this e-book.

B.   I finished this e-book in one day!

C.   It took me a week to finish this book.

D.   It took me a few weeks, but less than a month to finish the book.

A.   This book is a masterpiece.

B.   I put a few brain cells into this work.

C.   I put my heart into this work

D.   I did a lot of soul searching.

A.   My book is over 150 pages.

B.   My friends don't even call it a book!

C.   This is the longest thing I've ever written!

D.   My book is under 120 pages.

A.   Is your book an autobiography or novel

B.   Is your book a short story -or- not a story at all

C.   Is your book a story of some sorts

D.   Is your book a desk reference, such as a dictionary

How much money would you pay for your work?

A.   $7.00 or more

B.   $0.99 or less

C.   $1.00 up to $3.00

D.   $3.00 up to $6.99

If you select mostly ___,

A's = you should price your book in between $9.99 up to $15.99.  You take much pride in your creation, as you should.  Your pride probably reflects in the quality of your work.
B's = you should price your book for $0.99 or less.  Yes, I'm sure you are proud of the work you have created, but is it your best work? 
C's = you should price your book for $1.00 up to $4.99 or less.  C's are generally not better than B's but in this case, I feel you have spent more time developing your story line to create a better flow for the overall story
D's = you should price your book for $5.00 up to $9.89 or less.  You spent a lot of time researching the material for your book, checking the facts, and developing the flow, but did it come from your heart?

I hope this short quiz helped you to select a price for your e-book.

P.S.: Next week, we will cover where you can go to get your e-book published.


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